About Us

The Fuel Meal Prep is a Company that was created to contribute to goal achievement. Caroline Carbajal, the CEO, Co-Founder and Executive Chef, has always been a GREAT cook! She began meal prepping for her family and close friends to assist them in their fitness journey. With instantaneous success through hard work, dedication and most importantly, MEAL PREP, family and friends we hooked! Caroline became passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

Quote from Caroline: "There is nothing like seeing people succeed at achieving their goals. Knowing that I helped bring the joy, excitement and emotion expressed by others is extremely gratifying."

Word quickly spread about the quality and taste of Caroline's, Latin inspired, MEAL PREP. Clients came knocking on her door! Her client base doubled every single week. The word spread like wildfire and Caroline was overwhelmed with new client requests.

Quote from Caroline: "It was very humbling and exciting to see the positive response and raving reviews about the meals that I was preparing. However, I was unable to keep up with demand, so I had to turn down clients!"

Sam Bakhtiar (The Camp, TC CEO) caught wind of the tasty, healthy meals that Caroline was preparing and worked his way into becoming a client. As soon as he tasted his first meal, he was blown away!

Quote from Sam: "If only the love and passion that is poured into each of these meals can be offered to all????? Hmmmmm..."

Sam immediately asked Caroline if she would be interested in teaming up with them to provide these tasty, healthy meals to the masses.

Quote from Sam: "This MEAL PREP could not be kept a secret and only enjoyed by a few select people, we needed to bring this luxury to the masses!" - Something like that.

Caroline, being a retired business woman, respectfully declined for several months. The persistent "begging" and requests FINALLY triumphed, Caroline came out of retirement and The Fuel Meal Prep, was born!